Delta Health Care, Jatrabari Limited

Coronary Care Unit (CCU):

CCU is specialized in the care of patients with all types of cardiac emergency like – Heart attacks (MI), unstable angina, Cardiac dysrhythmia, Hypertensive emergency, Heart failure and Various other cardiac conditions that require continuous monitoring & treatment.

CCU has following features-

· 24 hours’ consultant cardiologist.

· Dedicated highly trained doctors and nursing staff.

· Bed side cardiac monitor.

· Defibrillator

· Blood gas analyzer

· Central oxygen delivery & suction system.

· Per-cutaneous pace maker machine for complete heart block patients (First time in Chittagong).

· Bi – PAP Machine

· C – PAP Machine

About Us

Delta Health Care Limited is devoted to ensuring quality in all our endeavors and maintaining the highest ethical standards in our business practices.

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