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Emergency Hospital Services

Delta Health Care Jatrabari Limited offer emergency care services to patients experiencing life-threatening situations or severe injuries. This includes rapid assessment, and treatment in the emergency department.Delta Health Care  Hospitals are open 24/7, providing round-the-clock medical care & this is the Best Hospital Service In Bangladesh . This accessibility ensures that individuals receive timely attention in emergencies. In times of crises, hospitals are equipped to provide immediate care. Their emergency departments address injuries, acute illnesses, and life-threatening situations.

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The importance of Hospital Intensive Care Unit (ICU) services:

  1. Life-Saving Care Unit
  2. Monitoring and Observation
  3. Specialized Expertise
  4. Advanced Medical Equipment

5.Postoperative Care

6.Management of Chronic Conditions

7.Reducing Mortality

8.Comfort and Support

9. Trained Healthcare Professionals

10. Etc


CCU Services Hospital we explore the world of CCU services:

  1. Monitoring and Assessment
  2. Emergency Interventions
  3. Medication Management
  4. The Role of Medical Professionals

5. Equipment and Technology

6. Patient Care in CCU

7. CCU Vs. ICU

8. Benefits of CCU Services

9. Challenges in CCU Care

10.Patient Testimonials


The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) is a critical component of a hospital:

  1. Specialized Care for
  2. NewbornsLife-Saving Interventions
  3. Monitoring and Observation
  4. Support for High-Risk Pregnancies

 5. Multidisciplinary Team

6. Family-Centered Care

7. Long-Term Health Outcomes

8. Research and Advancements

9. Community Health


General Surgery

General surgery plays a crucial role in  a hospital for several reasons:

  1. Broad Scope
  2. Life-Saving Procedures
  3. Preoperative and Postoperative Care
  4. Expertise in Abdominal Surgeries

5. Cancer Management

6. Minimally Invasive Surgery

7. Collaboration with Other Specialties

8. Emergency Department Support

9. Educational and Training Role



Dialysis services in a hospital life-saving treatment Life-Saving Treatment:

  1. Improved Quality of Life
  2. Long-Term Care
  3. Emergency and Critical Care
  4. Comprehensive Care

  5.  Access to Specialized Care

  6. Monitoring and Management

  7. Infection Control


  9.Training and Research

10. Etc


Oncology services play a crucial role in a hospital for several reasons:

  1. Diagnosis and Treatment
  2. Multidisciplinary Approach
  3. Research and Innovation
  4. Support and Counseling

5. Palliative Care

6. Education and Awareness

7. Survivorship Programs

8. Resource Coordination

9.Quality of Life Improvement

10. End-of-Life Care

Best Hospital Service In Bangladesh

Delta Health Care Jatrabari Limited  is a 250+ beded Best Hospital Service In Bangladesh. It is located at 169/1-B West Dholairpar, Jatrabari 1204 Dhaka, Bangladesh.We are offering advanced Hospital care 24 Hour’s with full time emergency services and pharmacy services.Bangladeshi Medical doctor with perfect reputation are part of our medical team. In Delta Health Care our patients first priority and helping them 24 Hour’s their need rises. Hospital is authorizing manage your health in a way that is aligned with your values and respect your culture, religion and beliefs.

Delta Health Care is established in 2010. In Hospital robust presence crosswise the nation around well being care delivery which includes Emergency Services, Prime Care, also Outdoor Doctor Hospital Services, Pharmacies Services & Diagnostic Services. Since initiation, In Hospital has been privileged by the trust of millions of patients from across the Bangladesh. In hospital has all the features of a world classes hospital with varied range of services & specialists, equipment’s and technology, ambience and services quality technology. The skilled nurses, technologists and administrators of DHCJL, aided by state-of-the-art equipment, provide a friendly organization for the medical professionals in providing health maintenance of international standards. This Hospital is a dynamic  hospital dedicated to providing inclusive medical care, treatment, and services to people in need.

Hospitals also offer particular medical services, extending from cardiology to neurology. These services provide to individuals with specific health attention needs, ensuring that they receive expertise care. Delta Health Care Jatrabari Limited includes Hospital Services such as general check-ups, protective care, and basic treatments. Prime care physicians play a essential role in diagnosing and managing common health issu thats why this health care is the Best Hospital Service In Bangladesh.

Delta Health Care Jatrabari Limited ensure the best healthcare services contain of specialized excellence with outstanding performance percentage showing given below that's why this Hospital is Best Hospital Service In Bangladesh :

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Surgical Services
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Diagnostic Services
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Dialysis Services
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ICU Services
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CCU Services
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NICU Services

Team of Professionals

Staff and Expertise

Nabiza Hasan

Nabiza Hasan

Tasfik Rahman

Tasfik Rahman

Mahzabin Adrita

Mahzabin Adrita

Abir Hossain

Abir Hossain


About Us

Delta Health Care Limited is devoted to ensuring quality in all our endeavors and maintaining the highest ethical standards in our business practices.

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